• Hipster Haven!

    Melbourne, Australia…this city really hooked me today! I went beyond the tourist route to experience hipster’s Melbourne…I am totally into the creative energy I discovered today!

    The Fitzroy/Collingwood area is too cool! This former working class heartland has become the home of the city’s artists, trendsetters, and visionaries! Bars, bookshops, design stores, new & vintage fashion, and restaurants pulse with great energy…

    I loved this area…the vintage look mixes with the gritty graffiti and industrial chic to create an eclectic urban neighborhood that is equal parts East Village, Notting Hill, Marais, and Williamsburg!

    Walk along Gertrude Langridge, Brunswick, and Smith Streets to soak up the edgy creativity storefront after storefront! I even made a purchase of a cool pair of pants at local fashionista spot Assin!

    Creativity and off the beaten track discovery really excites me…Melbourne’s coolest neighborhood totally ignited me and I could totally see living here!







  • A Market fit for a Queen!

    Melbourne, Australia…a tram ride around the center of Melbourne took me to the Queen Victoria Market!

    One of the great things about this city is how visitor friendly it is…a FREE circle city tram will take you to all the major sights! So easy that it makes you want to explore all this city has to offer!

    The Queen Victoria Market is a historic landmark dating back to 1878! This institution for Melburnians sees more than 200,000 shoppers a week. It is a vibrant trading hub spread over 2 city blocks and houses over 1,000 traders in vast open-sided halls! More than just a food market, sellers have everything on offer here…

    Sundays are the liveliest, but I won’t be here then; so, this Tuesday afternoon visit allowed me a great taste of the action!

    A local bratwurst along with browsing at all on display gave me another taste of how multi-ethnic and interesting this Australian city is!



  • Bird’s Eye View!

    Melbourne, Australia…this is both a modern city and a vintage town! From above, the skyline looks modern and impressive! It is…but the historical buildings, the trams, and the grand treelined boulevards give this city a rich connection to the past!

    From my initial peak from my airplane window to the gorgeous view out my hotel room, I realize Melbourne is a great city to visit as well as look down on!




  • Asian Influence!

    Melbourne, Australia…at times today it seemed as if I travelled to Asia rather than Australia!

    As I walked around the city streets, I could see Melbourne has a sizable Asian population…especially near the university where I presume there must be a large number of Asians who attend college Down Under!

    What surprised me most was the sheer number and variety of Asian restaurants one after another on the streets! Every Asian culture was represented over and over…within a few blocks I saw what seemed like a hundred different Asian restaurants!

    There is also a vibrant Chinatown…I walked thru this authentic area and felt transported to a street off Nathan Road in Hong Kong…red painted walls, Peking duck and barbecued pork hanging in shop windows, and dumplings makers pinching away!

    This vibrant city definitely seems like a melting pot of every Asian country…India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and on and on!







  • Playing the Arcades!

    Melbourne, Australia…what a difference a day makes! This city is totally different from Sydney…the vibe, the look, the style, all of it! The “beachy” body consciousness of Sydney is a direct contrast to Melbourne’s hip urban eclecticism!

    A great walking city, Melbourne is a shoppers paradise! Lanes, alleyways, little streets, and arcades abound filled with cool shops!

    I love the mix of Victorian 19th century architecture seamlessly alongside Art Deco throughout the shopping meccas of Collins Street and Bourke Street!

    The shopping arcades are stunning! Intricately tiled walkways open into these narrow light filled arcades with a Victorian feel…I understand these beautiful arcades started as little lane ways that provided rear access to properties facing big streets. Later they were roofed to provide refuge from weather and the crowds! These arcades give Melbourne it’s unique character and I really love how you just stumble upon one after another unexpectedly!

    It gives this city a much more European feel and comes off much more sophisticated than Sydney…I feel an individual edgy chic vibe on the residents here and artsy individuality seems much the norm!

    Melbourne is really surprising me with it’s charm and fashionable edge! Traveling to this southern city is allowing me to see Australians through a difference filter…