• The Party is Over!

    Civitavecchia, Italy…everything must come to an end and my cruise is over! 10 days on board this Celebrity Cruise line went fast…

    Dancing, partying, and hanging out with 2800 men all set on having a memorable vacation as we sailed through the Mediterranean! What a blast we had! Maybe a bit too much of a good thing as I managed to loose my voice for 2 whole days…

    It’s incredible how all these people from all over the world can come together and put everything aside with one goal: HAVING FUN!

    The lack of gay marriage equality, the prevalence of bullying, the debate in political views, race or cultural discrimination, ageism, and snobbery doesn’t exist on this vessel…it’s like a safe haven for all of us in this large community to come together and have a great time free of what whatever we may face back home!

    Thanks to Atlantis Events for producing these one of a kind trips for us! Thanks to my co-passengers for being so sexy and completely fun!


  • Out to Sea!

    Civitavecchia, Italy…an hour long train ride from central Rome, this port town is the gateway to the Celebrity Equinox and my next cruise!

    The train ride wasn’t ideal, air conditioning failed in first class and deodorant was lacking on the part of several local passengers! But the mood was lively with hordes of gay travelers crowding the train in order to get to port. The train turned into a big party, albeit a sweaty one!

    My friend Jeff is joining me on this all gay Atlantis charter…Jeff and I have been friends since our sophomore year of high school! Decades later, we still find time to travel together and channel our inner adolescents…I am ready to party, dance, and let loose on this 10 night Mediterranean cruise after the seriousness of my Eastern European travels!

    Dame Edna is tonight’s entertainment and Atlantis promises us major surprises as the cruise progresses!

    Arrividerci, Roma for now…Greece and Turkey here we come!