• The Party is Over!

    Civitavecchia, Italy…everything must come to an end and my cruise is over! 10 days on board this Celebrity Cruise line went fast…

    Dancing, partying, and hanging out with 2800 men all set on having a memorable vacation as we sailed through the Mediterranean! What a blast we had! Maybe a bit too much of a good thing as I managed to loose my voice for 2 whole days…

    It’s incredible how all these people from all over the world can come together and put everything aside with one goal: HAVING FUN!

    The lack of gay marriage equality, the prevalence of bullying, the debate in political views, race or cultural discrimination, ageism, and snobbery doesn’t exist on this vessel…it’s like a safe haven for all of us in this large community to come together and have a great time free of what whatever we may face back home!

    Thanks to Atlantis Events for producing these one of a kind trips for us! Thanks to my co-passengers for being so sexy and completely fun!


  • Nothing like Old Friends!

    Mykonos, Greece…the difference a few weeks makes! I am back in Mykonos, this time as a cruise passenger…it’s the end of the summer season and they are ending it with a big bang here! It’s the infamous XLsior party, so the tiny island is crawling with gay men from allover Europe. Add together these hordes of European revelers with almost 3,000 party craving men from a cruise ship and that equals chaos! Elia beach was wall to wall testosterone; the sand was barely visible…what happened to my lovely chill daily hangout that I made my routine just a few weeks ago?

    The parade of muscles is total overkill! But the vibe is definitely energetic and contagious.

    I am traveling with my friend, Jeff…I have known Jeff since our sophomore year of high school in suburban Chicago. We have remained friends and sporadic travel buddies for decades! It’s amazing that after knowing one another for 30 years, being a thousand miles apart, and living totally different lives we still can’t diminish our adolescent fun we recreate when we get together! I feel blessed to have several good friends who are joining me for different segments of this long travel journey…this 10 day cruise will be with Jeff and we will amuse each other with our teenage silliness and desire to just have a great time!

    After a day at the beach, it was time for the sunset tea dance at Hotel Elysium…the setting was perfect perched over all of Chora with Mykonos’ spectacular sunset as the backdrop for an evening of amazing dancing. We danced on chairs, tables, ledges, you name it! Gorgeous people, great music, beautiful setting, and good friends…as the commercial says: “priceless!”

    I enjoy traveling whether it be with friends, family, or alone…but it’s magic to have people in your life with whom you “click” and can meet anywhere in the world to have the time of your lives!






  • Club Crawl!

    Mykonos, Greece…last night is a bit of a blur! The party starts late so you gotta get on that bandwagon…
    I went out a bit after midnight and things were slowly waking up. I started at Babylon, then next door to Jackie O. The crowd was good and the music was even better! Kudos to an amazing mix that had the crammed bar dancing all night….

    A few excellent Mojitos and then Ouzo shots did me in and I pray I didn’t make too much of an ass of myself! I really loved the vibe of Jackie O, but Mykonos is priced like NYC with drinks at 12 euros…so be forewarned it gets expensive quickly! This row of clubs/bars are located right past the old port along the sea wall…when you go outside to get some air, unsuspecting partiers
    like myself get sprayed with the crashing breakwater against the sea wall! Nothing less cute than a drenched fashionista!

    Around 3 am, the hot new club, Glam, started pulsing with a really crazy good-looking crowd! I am drunk and in heaven…laser lights, go go dancers, hot Europeans, blaring music; life is good! It reminded me a bit of the old days in NYC when everybody partied together: gay, straight, whatever…

    I did not have the endurance that this crowd does and gave up around 4:30 am…I wanted to get to the beach Sunday and not sleep all day!

    1 pm with a headache, I am beach bound…more on that later!



  • Baby, you’re a Firework!

    I made it…Pamplona!
    Well after quite an adventure, the bus pulled in to Pamplona and I admit I got a little sappy…I cried
    a bit! I just couldn’t believe I got here and I never thought I would ever be in Pamplona. A rush full of all the emotions that this trip holds came over me. Travel is so special to me and the world has so much to experience and this is one of those infamous ones!

    Well, this town is over run with people EVERYWHERE…this is not just a running of the bulls but a 9 day festival named the San Fermin Festival. The streets are flooded with people dressed in white with red scarves cleverly tied at their necks and soaked in red wine that they pour on each other! I mean this is an over-the-top party, the likes of which I have never seen! A crazy mix of drunk & drenched revelers and a riot of free spirited fun.

    People are camping in parks, using outdoor bathrooms, and passed out in the streets just in order to be part of it all. I saw people from every corner of the world as well as every generation. The Spanish are so captivated by this age old fiesta that it’s telecast 24 hours a day on National TV.

    I strolled around to get acquainted and got off pretty unscathed…I got hit with a few slices of Sangria fruit and had sticky shoes, but not a drop of wine spilled on me, even though I was offered my fair share!

    I bought my mandatory white and red gear and headed out for a spectacular late night fireworks display…what a show!!!

    I will say it again, the Spanish do know how to PARTY! Tomorrow is the big day…The Running of the Bulls.





  • Vampire of the night!

    Ibiza, Spain…NYC may be the city that never sleeps, but Spain redefines the late night club crawl! Here on Ibiza, nothing even starts going til 11 pm and it really kicks off at 3 am. Don’t expect to get much sleep…

    Centered mainly in Ibiza town, Beautiful people all party together…gay, straight, whatever all having a great time all night long! It takes some getting used to as there are some cultural differences. The Spanish are very passionate and tend to speak very closely…it seems very sexual to those not used to it, but soon you realize it’s just the way it is and there is no hidden meaning. The Spanish are very forward as well, so if they are interested in something more, they will make it very clear!

    So I am channelling my inner vampire and dancing until dawn under a full moon…this island doesn’t burn the midnight oil, it seems midnight is barely the beginning of the burn. A post-beach Disco nap is a must in order to go the distance!

    Sitting at an outdoor bar from 11:30 pm on, I was stimulated by a host of activities: masseurs roaming around offering free rubs, fireworks being set off from rooftops, parades of drag queens and models, friendly Spaniards & revelers, and a vibe of total fun!