• An Elephant of a Ride!

    Bali, Indonesia…after a great start this morning, I joined my friends and we were off to explore this exotic land!

    An elephant ride through the jungle to put us in the Bali mood! These elephants are so cute…they even serenade you with the harmonica at the end of the ride!

    The bumpy walk took us through lush vegetation and then through a small river! I finished off my ride high atop my 24 year old elephant by rewarding her with some bananas that she happily grabbed with her trunk!



  • Water without Falling!

    Mele Cascade Waterfall, Vanuatu…instead of only beaching it today, I thought a trip to the rainforest jungle of Vanuatu would be an interesting change of pace!

    This lush jungle is rich with every kind of leaf and plant…I can hear the sound of falling water, but where is it?

    A 20 minute climb through tree root steps, pools of water, and dense vegetation…yikes! I huff and puff through the natural obstacle course in the thick humid heat…

    I realize my flip flops aren’t gonna work, so I go it as the locals do…barefoot! Up and over algae covered rocks, through water rapids, and up mini falls until I reached an oasis in the middle of the dense jungle!

    The falls are beautiful and people are diving in the deep pools at their base. I am not that daring! I just wanna get out of there without slipping and breaking a bone or being swept downhill in the current!

    What a hike with such a beautiful reward at the end! Going back down wasn’t much easier, but I admired the huge bamboos and the small pools on the way down!

    Another testament to nature’s unbelievable beauty!