• Total Recall!

    At Sea in the Mediterranean…as we sailed our way under tonight’s Blue Moon, we were treated to a special performance on board the m/v Equinox! Andy Bell was our star performer…

    For those who may not be familiar with him: he is the 80’s iconic gay singer of the British group Erasure. I loved Erasure and it seems like so much of my youth was set to a soundtrack of their songs! Alison Moyet, Culture Club, Dead or Alive, and a whole crop of British imports blasted throughout my teens…but Erasure was a prominent sound besides mainstream music from Madonna and the Go Go’s…

    It all came flooding back to me sitting in the ship amphitheater tonight! My college roommate used to blast Erasure and we would sing and dance all night to it! It seems like yesterday when overnights were spent in the school sewing labs with Erasure tunes blaring up and down the halls of F.I.T. or remixes were danced to in the hottest NYC clubs…

    Andy sang his greatest hits including one of my favorites, “Blue Savannah Song” in his silver sequin leggings, 80’s inspired oversize tee, and red soled high tops. It was great fun and brought me back over 25 years!

    The 80’s came back to me and it seems connecting to my personal memories and my family heritage is a reoccurring theme of this trip! The days full of an unknown future and the never-ending new experiences of my teens are sort of a full circle moment! I feel like that 18 year old again on a quest for the next stage of my life: what lies ahead as I experience things along this journey in a whole new way!


  • Club Crawl!

    Mykonos, Greece…last night is a bit of a blur! The party starts late so you gotta get on that bandwagon…
    I went out a bit after midnight and things were slowly waking up. I started at Babylon, then next door to Jackie O. The crowd was good and the music was even better! Kudos to an amazing mix that had the crammed bar dancing all night….

    A few excellent Mojitos and then Ouzo shots did me in and I pray I didn’t make too much of an ass of myself! I really loved the vibe of Jackie O, but Mykonos is priced like NYC with drinks at 12 euros…so be forewarned it gets expensive quickly! This row of clubs/bars are located right past the old port along the sea wall…when you go outside to get some air, unsuspecting partiers
    like myself get sprayed with the crashing breakwater against the sea wall! Nothing less cute than a drenched fashionista!

    Around 3 am, the hot new club, Glam, started pulsing with a really crazy good-looking crowd! I am drunk and in heaven…laser lights, go go dancers, hot Europeans, blaring music; life is good! It reminded me a bit of the old days in NYC when everybody partied together: gay, straight, whatever…

    I did not have the endurance that this crowd does and gave up around 4:30 am…I wanted to get to the beach Sunday and not sleep all day!

    1 pm with a headache, I am beach bound…more on that later!