• Living Life to the Max!

    Sailing the South Pacific…another beautiful day as we sailed towards the island of Vanuatu. The color of the sea has taken on an almost neon shade of cobalt blue and the sun is warm and intense!

    It’s hard to believe that this voyage is in its final days! When I boarded this ship over 2 weeks ago, it seemed to me that this 21 day sailing would seem like an eternity…but now with 5 days remaining, it seems like time just flew by!

    I have shared this ship with a varied group of world travelers that are my fellow passengers. Many of whom are retired but yet with such a zest for life! Neither Age nor physical limitations nor even disabilities have limited any single one of these people from seeing the world!

    I am inspired everyday seeing this group’s desire to live every moment…making every second of the gift of life count…

    A retired couple told me emphatically: “don’t plan for tomorrow what you can do now!” They said so many of their friends say “next year” but that date never seems to arrive!

    I also met a marine lecturer on board who told me how her she loves her time on cruises and how it’s has given her new insight into old age…she has seen the vibrancy and incredible living that one’s golden years can be…it’s not the convalescence she once thought it was!

    I know each and every experience I am having is really just a lesson in disguise!

  • Do What You Love!

    Ionian Sea…after setting sail from Italy, we had a lovely yet hot day at sea as we headed towards our first stop in Mykonos…a great way to start the cruise just lazying poolside all day and then dancing all night!

    The Atlantis team have arranged for some unique entertainment for us while on board. One of the first entertainers from England amazed me; his ability to morph into different voices and impersonations were very well done, but it was his utter love for what he did that struck me! He spoke of how he has been mesmerized by music and divas his whole life and knew singing was his calling since his mother bought him used albums when he was a child. He just seemed to live for it, his genuine appreciation for our applause was palpable! He spoke of his gratitude that at the age of 44 he is able to do what he loves for so many people.

    For some reason, his words and actions affected me; how this man created a one of a kind and compelling act all based on his passion! Because he loves it, he has succeeded in so many ways…he may not be a super star, but his unconventional act allows him to live his dream every day!

    He just kept soaking up the crowds adoration and performed his heart out…I walked out of the theatre realizing the power of doing what you love! I am lucky enough to live that life as well, but I realize I need to mold my passion to truly feed my talents to new levels of success!

    Listen, watch, and feel every moment and messages just come to you…my journey is still telling me so much!

  • Words to Live By!

    Mykonos, Greece…today is my last day in Greece! Tomorrow I take off for three weeks exploring Eastern Europe…

    I want to soak up every last moment here, so I am perched on my preferred chaise on my favorite beach of Elia again. Mykonos has not disappointed me this trip! I could settle into this life for the summer; lazy mornings after late nights, friendly people just looking to have fun, long days beachside, delicious homemade food using fresh homegrown or caught ingredients, and views you cannot get out of your head everywhere you turn!

    Last night I encountered an artist childishly painting words on canvas like paper…they struck me…simple words for simple feelings in a simple place! We make things so complicated sometimes even though the least complicated things give us the most pleasure…

    All my senses are engaged and I am truly feeling everything the world is handing me! Travel is about so much more than just sights!




  • Life Lessons!

    Pylos, Greece…the days are starting to blur! More amazing azure seas and a crystal clear sky over a quaint place I have never heard of! I headed to Gialova Beach on Navarino Bay today with no plans in mind. It was windy which kept the temperature from sweltering and made the seas choppy, bringing out all the windsurfing enthusiasts…I staked my claim under an umbrella and settled in for the afternoon.

    It was beautiful watching the brightly colored sails cutting across the brilliant blue waters. I took a dip and the slight chill of the salty water was refreshing…Today had no agenda, I just totally relaxed, worked on my tan, and downloaded some shows on the excellent WI FI at Zoe Resort beachside!

    I topped the afternoon off with a Greek lunch of Spicy Cheese Dip and Greek Salad…the tomatoes were so homegrown and sweet, yet the feta cheese was way more pungent than I have tasted so far; the combo was delicious! Eating out of what coulda been grandma’s dishes made it all feel that much more authentic! What else do you need?

    When I woke up this morning to Pylos, I looked out and said disappointingly; “another sleepy Greek town”…how unfair that statement was…It hit me today that we place too much expectation on destinations to entertain or wow us! It was exactly this sleepy slow paced simplicity that I coveted most about this place today. I live my life in the fast paced whirlwind of NYC…it has taken me till today, exactly 1 month to the day I left on this adventure, to really understand how to “chill”!

    I know how to travel; but maybe I am just starting to learn how to live!