• Life Lessons!

    Pylos, Greece…the days are starting to blur! More amazing azure seas and a crystal clear sky over a quaint place I have never heard of! I headed to Gialova Beach on Navarino Bay today with no plans in mind. It was windy which kept the temperature from sweltering and made the seas choppy, bringing out all the windsurfing enthusiasts…I staked my claim under an umbrella and settled in for the afternoon.

    It was beautiful watching the brightly colored sails cutting across the brilliant blue waters. I took a dip and the slight chill of the salty water was refreshing…Today had no agenda, I just totally relaxed, worked on my tan, and downloaded some shows on the excellent WI FI at Zoe Resort beachside!

    I topped the afternoon off with a Greek lunch of Spicy Cheese Dip and Greek Salad…the tomatoes were so homegrown and sweet, yet the feta cheese was way more pungent than I have tasted so far; the combo was delicious! Eating out of what coulda been grandma’s dishes made it all feel that much more authentic! What else do you need?

    When I woke up this morning to Pylos, I looked out and said disappointingly; “another sleepy Greek town”…how unfair that statement was…It hit me today that we place too much expectation on destinations to entertain or wow us! It was exactly this sleepy slow paced simplicity that I coveted most about this place today. I live my life in the fast paced whirlwind of NYC…it has taken me till today, exactly 1 month to the day I left on this adventure, to really understand how to “chill”!

    I know how to travel; but maybe I am just starting to learn how to live!