• Taking on New Shapes!

    Singapore…This modern Asian city is bursting with state of the art architecture! The skyline is starting to take on a space age look with a futuristic sensibility!

    Marina Bay Sands is the new icon of the waterfront…it’s spaceship top high in the sky holds an incredible cantilevered pool over the city with a disappearing infinity edge!

    All around the Marina Bay you can spot cool new marvels of architectural engineering!

    Standing at the water’s edge feels as if you are looking at a glossy magazine featuring creativity with an eye to the future! It is great to see a city working so hard to remain current and evolve with the times! Singapore is rapidly growing and evolving to reflect what a modern day metropolis should look like!20121030-191204.jpg20121030-191240.jpg20121030-191505.jpg


  • Bird’s Eye View!

    Melbourne, Australia…this is both a modern city and a vintage town! From above, the skyline looks modern and impressive! It is…but the historical buildings, the trams, and the grand treelined boulevards give this city a rich connection to the past!

    From my initial peak from my airplane window to the gorgeous view out my hotel room, I realize Melbourne is a great city to visit as well as look down on!